Saturday, 26 October 2013

Wye Valley weekend continues...

Today it's raining cats ans dogs outside and it's grey and murky and turning a bit chilly now too.
So what better than a bit of reminiscent blogging about that glorious weekend around the 6th September?
I've done about 4 hours of crochet already but can't show you yet as I'm trying to get it published as it will reach a wider audience that way....
So the Wye Valley it is today.

It was a lovely walk, good company and sunny weather... At this point my feet are aching a bit but still OK.

 I love walking in a group, it's so friendly and interesting, chatting here and there or just staring and enjoying the view.
 The sheep were not so keen to see us.

 Some came close to have a good look....
 And then ran away sharpish!

 Aaaaaah Good for the soul, this view.
 the sheep left behind now.
 And more hills ahead.
 Then a descent. This is where my feet really started to hurt and toward the last mile or so I was hobbling about in agony.
 This was the walk:
 Then a very ENGLISH scene:  village cricket!
 And finally back at the church we started out from. Hoorah! We sat down and had a picnic.
 Then a drink and lovely live folk music - by our own folk club musicians-at the pub, I enjoyed it so much, forgot to take any pictures...Blessed we were, such talent, such fabulous music! a JOY.
And then a drive back to the hotel.

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