Saturday, 19 October 2013

Crochet NEWS

 TA DAH!!! I suddenly realised that although I have updated Ravelry projects I had not really yet shared with you that the KOS from Rowan and Simply Crochet magazine is now finished and has been WORN!
 I made a few minor changes such as in the plain band, shortening the length and omitting the scallops on the hem. I like my hem as it is, thanks.I made it quite big so it's nicely loose over any t-shirts or camisoles.
I can highly recommend the pattern! Made in Katia Panama 100% cotton with a 3 mm hook. Very simple, only shaping is at the neckline.
 This was a furry gilet I tried on in WHITE STUFF in Marlow: nope not sure I like it....
 Remember it raining conkers last week at Marston on College day?  This week it rained BOTH raindrops AND conkers and this time they still had their spiky coats on.

 But they were also splitting open .
 THIS is the furry gilet I do LOVE and am very happily wearing these days, when it's cold that is.

 Having finally seen the podiatrist about my painful feet I have been told to buy RUNNING shoes! Supportive ones so off I went to try some on and then ordered them on-line, I had to settle for slightly different ones than the ''prescription'' as they only came in a size 5 or bigger and I'm a wee 3!
So kid's shoes it was and half the price too, woopee!
 Weird these, very ''clunky'' and I have never owned or worn this type before...
 They grey bits show where all the extra support is - that I am in need of apparently.

 Am worried about rain as I have to wear them as much as I can, wellies have been banned and yet it's WET walking the dogs! These have mesh uppers and are NOT waterproof....
CROCHET NEWS- you said it! Let's get back to it? THIS blanket or more particular these colours I like in a new magazine that I got treated to...
 AND as I never made it to this years Knitting and Stitching show despite best laid plans, I treated myself to two new crochet books, good ol' amazon they came so quick! I LOVE THESE:
It's from this book:
 And I also am loving the LIME green with that purple...scrumptious! Blackberry and pistacio?
 And then this one has a touch of olive green too

 And THIS arrangement is my absolute favourite! See the lovely shape made by the negative spaces?
 and am putting this celtic ring combo in my queue as it were, looks grrreat!
Back to  a library book: this is inspiring me to make a runner for my rocking chair which sadly languishes in the garage these days...
 And LAST but not LEAST: I have my pattern for a cosy moebius cowl PUBLISHED!!!!!
This was my COMPLIMENTARY copy of Inside Crochet : issue 46 on the shelves everywhere in the UK RIGHT NOW!!! And only until 25th October so hurry hurry hurry....? See page 56?!

Or see here and wet your appetite:
 My current projects are plenty as I have yet to start another ''big'' piece, so I have done a few tension samples for a possible aran jacket and some playing around....
THIS below I worked while catching up on an amazing WALRUS programme which I had missed earlier in the week:
I'm working a playful circle into a granny square using Appleton's crewel wool ( 2 ply) and a 3mm hook.
 I wanted to play with many colours and was inspired by the Bohemian Rhapsody shawl on Ravelry ,
Appleton's has 421 colours in this wool but I'm not sure I could wear a shawl or scarf made in this as it's quite scratchy to my sensitive skin? Will wash it with washing conditioner/softener and see what happens before I take off on this project. Funnily enough I bought the shade cards for Appleton's in 1982 when I was toying with the idea of tapestry or fairisle knitting with as many colours as possible.... See the colours here: 
 Here's an alternative square with more muted colours.
And on a stripey end note: voila my new SOCKS! I needed new ones to wear with the running shoes...
treatment for plantar fasciitis and Morton's neuromas. The stripes make me SMILE.
M&S boy socks age 4-10 or size 12-3.5.....Well I'm not a boy and nowhere near age 4-10?!
got to LAUGH!

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