Thursday, 24 October 2013

Woodland creatures CROCHET

Hello I have made a few items from a magazine that I would like to share with you: the magazine is SIMPLY CROCHET issue 10.
The bobble fingerless mitten above is from this magazine although I made a few minor adjustments as requested by my youngest. The pattern is well written and I substitutes the recommended yarn with Hayfield Value DK from Hobbycraft shops at £2 a ball or a 3 for 2 makes it even better VFM. ( value for money).
I used colour: shade 964 and my mittens used about 66g from the 100 g ball, it's acrylic machine washable and can be tumble dried as well. Very practical as I can imagine those raised bobbles in that elegant colour will be very dirty in next to no time! You use a 4mm hook and the pattern works a rectangle which is joined at the end, but I added a ''short row'' section of 6 bobbles long and about 4-5 rows sloping at the top end by using dc moving into slip stitch for 2 stitches . This adds a gusset at the arm-end which was needed so that the ''gauntlet'' would fit Over the school uniform jumper but Under her winter coat.
Although NOT soft , they are comfortable, very very warm and have a wonderful texture that I was quite bowled over by. Such FUN! I would like to have trimmed them in lime green or hot pink or turquoise but Miss Y asked for navy so navy it was and very elegant they look too.....? Yes?
I used a scrap of Patons DK pure cotton for the trims so I can throw the mittens in the wash without any worry. ( my other  stashed navy is all pure wool..)

This is the link to the pattern on Ravelry:

 Sorry I kept going on with the photos as I loved them so!

Only 1 hand as the other is taking the photo!
They are a quick make: one or two evenings tops!AND VERY EASY .

 Finally Miss Y came down to have her hands photographed in them.....
They ARE the same size though the photo makes them look different.
She's gone to school today: WEARING THEM!!!!!
Woodland creatures? WHERE? Ah yes well I think these remind me of hedgehogs!
And that is due to the mittens by Kat Goldin in another magazine: CROCHET gifts for Christmas by practical publishing, in most WH Smiths right now.
Their prickles were bobbles too you see, see the connection? 
These are cute but too cutesy for Miss Y who wanted FINGERLESS ones so she can TEXT of course!
Also in the book crochet at play apparently though it's a book I don't have.( YES it's TRUE!)

Here's the link to the REAL hedgehog mittens:
Personal comment: the pattern asks for 4ply but I'd make them in Rowan tweed DK wool as I have seen just the right shades of tweedy chocolate brown and beige for this recently.
 a SHORT digression as I realised that the photos I wanted to share next have not yet been loaded onto the trusty computer....
From the same ''stable'' -I guess is THIS magazine: SIMPLY HOME MADE...issue 35 is shown below
 And I have succumbed to yet another ''treat'' purchase- aren't I lucky? I do feel very blessed thank you.
And there's a few lovely CROCHET projects: a poppy or two, this being the nicest for Remembrance Day:
 And then for Christmas we go ever so cute with this robin and the wee reindeer above!
 Finally there's this fun polar bear, but I'd give him beige paws and ear- linings and maybe use FUNKY FUR or another eyelash yarn in WHITE for his tummy ? Personally- and I agree this is just my opinion- I'd like him a lot better without any pink. And make his eyes a bit bigger so he'd have bigger appeal?
But the REINDEER is just ADORABLE isn't he? 
I can't wait to have a go at making the reindeer, but before you go away, LOOK .....
I made a fox, a red fox, a foxy cover for my phone.... so it's back to woodland creatures ?
Well no sorry, not yet. I have to embroider his eyes and add a nose....
So wait and see him soon!
Woodland creatures part 2 coming up later ? After all this is quite a long post already.

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