Thursday, 24 October 2013

Foxy fun in crochet

 So here it goes the promised foxy crochet is finished!
It starts with Simply Crochet issue 10 again and I won't say how it goes, just the amendments because you really should go buy this excellent pattern!
It was the cute fox purse on the cover ( that is a coin purse to any Americans reading along - not a handbag....)that ''made'' me buy it. It was one of those HAVE TO HAVE IT moments?
 SEE?Well done Cara Medus and THANK YOU!
I did mine with 24 g of terracotta or rust coloured wool from Patons Diploma Gold that was in my stash as a single ball.... and I bought a little Cream fuzzy soft Snuggly DK baby wool from Sirdar.( my scales could not measure it, the finished fox weighs 24 g) Then with  3.5mm hook I set off and followed the pattern for the HEAD first, and only did as many rows as the width of my phone.
Then I turned and worked straight until I had a phone flap and the back cover all made in dc.
 I made the purse tummy in cream until it measured the same width as the head / or back panel, and then again I worked straight for a bit. Well 7 rows to be exact.Fasten off the cream. But then I crochet loosely and I haven't measured my gauge.
 Then joining the terracotta wool at one side I worked 2 Trebles( well actually a 3 ch and 1 Tr), 2 half trebles and a few dc to ''fill in'' the curve, dc across and repeated it on the far side, then I could work straight again for about 12 rows.
 Then I joined and closed the sides and base by starting at one top end and crocheting the 2 pieces together with a dc row, down, along the ''hem'', up the other side and across the top of the cream chest piece.
 Then I made the ears according to the pattern except I made them slightly smaller as my width is narrower.Then you sew the ears on and finish all the ends.
 TA DAH! Isn't he cute? I am a -lovin this, him, yes loving !
I found the buttons in my ''button box''and did consider embroidering closed sleepy eyes as in the pattern, but I like him THIS way and now I can talk to him without waking him up.
He looks quite attentive so I can pretend he's listening! He looks more attentive than JJ that's for sure!
I'm still thinking whether to surface embroider/crochet a foxy tail across the back?!
Goodnight  from me and Au revoir from le renard....


  1. OK. You have convinced me. I just signed my daughter and me up for a 2 1/2 hour course for beginner crochet. It's next Tuesday at our local craft shop. I hope we learn the basics as we both would like to start a grannie square blanket together. Your work is so inspiring. I hope that I can just manager the basics and get the hang of it! I'll let you know! Keep posting pics of your work. I think it's fabulous! Claire

  2. Thank you Claire, it's made my day! I see you are in the USA or I would offer to teach you....
    Good luck next Tuesday and enjoy! But beware this wonderful craft is addictive and eats up time in the most wonderful way, but nevertheless.
    I am over the moon that I may have introduced two more people to this wonderful craft.
    When you have learned the basics, please be aware that UK and USA crochet uses the SAME terms or names for DIFFERENT stitches. So when you do start a UK pattern, please convert the stitch names to those you know before you start then all will be well.
    As in my posts I use UK terms, so for example each dc in my post is a single crochet or sc in the USA.
    I won't confuse you any further, just ask me when you're ready. THANK you again and Happy Hooking!

  3. OOps sorry Claire, it's very early morning still. You're in CANADA not USA, my mistake. Apologies!
    I lived in Canada once, in Calgary from 1983 to 1985.