Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Vi's Nutcracker query

Dear Viv: I have left a reply to each and every one of your repeated queries about the nutcracker toy by posting under the comments you had left. It seems you did not check back if your comments were answered? You did not send me an e-mail address so how am I supposed to contact you?  Maybe you cannot see all those replies ? so I will say again:
The toy was purchased from a shop that no longer sells it. I have no pattern for it.
You can find them- the dolls- on the internet for £20 each. Just google the words.
Or if you prefer I think the current Simply Crochet magazine: issue 11 has a picture and link on page12. www.noths.com

OR you can join Ravelry and obtain the patterns from there. This is the link:

There are several patterns on there.

Finally there's the Amigurume book which you could use to crochet a boy doll and then all you have to do is make some soldier- like clothes. All the guidance is in the book.
This is where you can get the book on Amazon. I have it and it's very good.

I do hope this helps as I have been up late on a few nights to make sure I answered the queries promptly.

With a fulltime job and 2 kids and dogs and an MSc to study for it's been a bit of additional stress.

All the best,  and most of all Happy Hooking!


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    I will be dealing with this immediately.

  2. I have now deleted ALL of the most unwelcome comments by USHA which were adverts for engineering colleges in India. Totally unrelated to crochet or stitching or anything on my blog.
    Please take not Usha, your ''comments'' which are actually advertising are NOT WELCOME HERE.