Tuesday, 8 October 2013


 Here are a few inspiring ''stripes, triangles and colours'' that I picked up the other night from PINTEREST.

 Gorgeous aren't they? Loving architecture and so many beauties were in Japan when I was looking at boards etc? Meanwhile back to the National Trust Garden that I started a few posts ago?

 oooh GRAPES in England!!!!

Just as a thought, while gazing at such garden loveliness:
Can one live without any affection from one's partner/ beloved?
No touching, it's almost autistic in expression.
A romantic soul wants to hold hands, share a warm heartfelt hug at least?
Never mind the more intense love of kisses, passionate or gentleness personified?
Can one ignore or move on from a plate throwing and bowl breaking incident?
We are not Greek after all?
How does one cope with the hurt felt when a loved one is changed by circumstances or a brain injury into someone so very different from the person one fell in love with?
Can they/ will they ever change back again?
Or would it be appropriate to mourn that loss?
When will it be time to move on? Or never?
Is loneliness worse when there IS a person or without anyone at all?

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  1. Just wondering if you could tell me where I might find the pattern for the little soldier Christmas decoration you have on your post from December 2010 I think, It have a young grandson who has been given one and he is very fond of it, so would like to make a couple of backups just in case. Ta