Monday, 14 October 2013

Ripple across widthways tutorial scarf

 Now yesterday I shared with you a scarf ripple pattern that ran the LENGTH of the scarf, but I would like to demonstrate today that rippling across is another option? That's my charity scarf growing by my keyboard.
 Still in James Brett Marble chunky yarn and a 7 mm hook for the starting chain of 38 chains and then change to a 6 mm for the scarf itself: the row starts with a 3ch with 6 mm hook.
 Then immediately you work a TR2TOG by using the 5th ch from hook and the next chain, work two part completed trebles - 3 loops on hook and then yarn over and complete it. OR step by step:
YO, put hook into ch ( or st if it's a later row) , pull yarn through, yo pull through 2 loops and STOP.
Do NOT complete that treble, insteadv do YO and repeat the process making a second part-completed treble.
 Here- above- I have the first YO sitting on the hook, I have out the hook into the stitch and I have the next YO happening at top left.Then below I have done a pull through 2 loops and 2 loops left on hook,  a part completed treble in other words. Leave it be.

Now below is showing you the two part completed treble stitches and now it's yarn over (YO) and through all the 3 loops on the hook that you can see here
 And when that's done you've on eloop on the hook and a completed TR2TOG.
 Above a completed TR2TOG- see how it looks like a wee pyramid? and the start turn chain 3 at far right.
 Then here above are the 3 straight simple trebles all in a row...
 Can you see how one of the 3 trebles is sitting above the right hand arm of a V?
Then we work 2 Tr in this stitch and 2TR in the next stitch: you can see this below:
 We created 2 V's. as above

 In this photo above I am showing the position of the dip or valley of the ripple.  You can see the two pyramids or inverted Vs quite clearly I hope?
Now you work the next decrease by working the two part completed trebles into the stitch BEFORE the first pyramid and the second one is into the top of the first pyramid as seen above.
 Above is the first TR2TOG and below is the photo of the second TR2TOG being made.
 And here below the second TR2TOg is completed.
 Then after 3 plain trebles we are back to making increases again: working 2TR in one stitch, creating a peak and the stitch looks like  V.

 Then here below you can see the second group of increases.
 Then 3 Tr along again as seen below.
 Now for the final TR2TOG but just one this time as we are nearing the left hand edge...
 Making the stitch:above,the completed stitch below.

 Then finally just one treble to create the edge, before turning and working the 3ch turning chains which count as the first treble of the next row.
 Here it is growing nicely:

I have drawn a diagram of this but cannot locate my phone charger lead right now to transfer the photos of the diagram so that will be edited in later.
Voila! Do it as a scarf, snood or moebius....It's very soft and oh so warm.

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  1. Hi Merry Susan, I have left several comments trying to find out if you have a crochet pattern for the crocheted christmas decoration soldier that is in your blog in either December 2009 or 2010 please, I am trying to get the patterns so can do a couple for my gandsons who have a well loved one and my daughter would like a couple of spare ones. Ta Vi