Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Diagram for ripple and previous ripple blankets

 Diagram for the 18 plus 3 stitch ripple scarf from the previous post, hand drawn by yours truly so you have to bear with my poor limited drawing ablilities. Also I have omitted the cross line for the trebles for clarity so they look like half trebles BUT they are all TREBLES.
 In the above I have indicated the 12 sts of a single repeat.
 This is a blanket I nade a few years ago now, in pure merino wool and it's been in storage because it was put out on the sofa daily by my eldest- when I was always folding it away at night for the following evening- and the dogs chewed in during the day....Disaster!
 It was quite bad, but it looks OK as I had forgotten that in the main I have already repaired the rips...
 See? By some careful re-crocheting and sewing up of the half trebles.
 And the wool ends that I had crocheted over, started to come out and the I thought I;d add a border to cover them but it looks awful so I'll have to try sewing them back in with sewing threads as they are too short now.
 Another rip, this one in cream mended....
 And this was my very FIRST blanket ever, in MARBLE CHUNKY and as you can see the dogs have made it their own....
 It needs a wash and then I think I'll either leave it as a dog-bed blanket OR repair it.
 What do you think?
 P.S.: the diagram above seems to match up with the Marble ripple in terms of stitches but not the merino I think.

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  1. My husband tends to drag his bum and his feet when he is lying on the sofa which always annoys me, but the worst this does is stretch the crochet blankets a bit. Your dog chewed blankets are something else! I say add a big border to the wool ripple, maybe something like half treble stitch in various colours. When I see crochet blankets at car boots or charity shops I like it if they are very worn because it shows that they are were used and loved. So a few patched up bits adds to the charm really. Thank you for the comments x