Tuesday, 29 May 2012


HOT HOT HOT that's what it's been for just over a week now, just when I asked where is the sun, she came to visit!!!
Monday last week I had meetings in the morning in central Oxford and then I went shopping till 4pm and it was just warming up a little. Then I had appointments every hour last Tuesday and it was cloudy with sunny spells but again warming up nicely... Then the forecast for the rest of the week was so amazing but there was a catch: I was supposed to be working a 3 day week.... Luckily a few phone-calls and e-mails later and I had been granted annual leave! Thus making for me a holiday at home. BLISS. And it HAS been ABSOLUTE BLISS.
I have been pretending to be in Turkey - in 2006 and 2008 we spent 2 weeks in Turkey at this time of year and the temperatures here in my Oxfordshire garden have been very similar.
I have sunbathed and relaxed, read novels lying on a towel and ate a lot of salad and ice cream - not at the same time.
Can't believe how much I have simply SLEPT. Finally came off the benadryl at night which I was taking since 2009 when my husband started with his depression and the Court case hung over us. Now that is all over - well husband is not well yet and sleeps erratically- but this rest has been FANTASTIC.
Even though I put on 1.5 lbs through all the inactivity and did very little on the creative side.
I have started dreaming again: what joy!
We haven't had a hot sunny holiday like this since 2008 and boy was I in need of one. JJ says he doesn;t believe in them , especially as the girls can be moody and spoil meals out or travel abroad with their squabbles etc. All due to teen hormones no doubt.

Back to work tomorrow, feels really odd right now but I'll be glad to be back in adult company for a while. The dogs have been walked in the early evening or late at night after dark, they don't cope well in this heat. JJ has been away a lot and the girls at school, but relaxing and heartwarming it has been. Batteries have been re-charged.

Oh and last Friday we gained a NEW FIREPLACE . It's lovely, so elegant and simple.

Did my eczema improve? Yes I think it did, although I'm peeling a bit of course. Still not sure of the cause: obviously not the salt water or the soft water as neither were included in this holiday.
It could be the sleeping or the determination not to plan, think or stress over anything?
Was it the creaming after a shower or the oils and creams with sun protection?

Dog walk as the sun sets: the air is still blissfully warm, no knitwear or sleeves needed.

Also dog walks in early morning: there had been sowing: the new shoots were liking the weather too.

And don't look now these are a few personal ones to remind me of a tan achieved in the back garden in Bonny England.

If I had smiled I feared I'd look like a maniac?  New hair cut- longer at the front.

See? That's part real and part fake I reckon....Nice toffee colour . Whites look fab.

Here's the hole and the old fussy fireplace mantle which I have disliked now for 16 years and just put up with.Mind you it was the brown marble that went with it that grated on my sensibilities too.

And here is the new one, classic simple, BEAUTIFUL.

There's a new stone floor coming next week.....

And this is what the dog walks were like:

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