Friday, 11 May 2012

Hi, TODAY Sunday of the Bank Holiday weekend was all about crochet and creativity for me.There was a plan to go walking but even though the weather looked fine- cold but dry at least- I didn't go as I wanted to stay with the family. Miss E in particular had been running a temperature and slept all day Saturday so I wanted to be home.

I have wanted to make this little lacy floral vest or a T with short sleeves for some time now, It's from a Melody Griffith's book CROCHET IN NO TIME : so I played around with a 3mm hook and some white 4 okly cotton and made 3 motifs according to the book- see above the book photo?

There 's a BIG BUT though as the pattern starts with 6 rows of 16 motifs and they are ALL made separately and then ''joined - as - u go'' which I amfamiliar with as a technique , the BUT is that it leaves you with 2 ends to SEW IN BY HAND for each motif?!!!Yeuch, NOT my cup of T.

32 TIMES 6 ENDS TO SEW IN before you even ger to the last few rows for the back and front...

Sooo I was thinking : I had a new book for Christmas 2011 called SEAMLESS CROCHET by Kristin Omdahl and it explained a technique where you join motifs row by row SEAMlessly so there are only TWO ends to sew in at the end: the start end and the finish end, not bad eh?


Now she does not have the identical motif in her book nor is a similar one joined in the same way so I practiced with the Melody motif but joined in the way described in the book on page 74 via a diagram.

So that's the photo under the last bit of script, it was looking a bit solid and too jumbled up so I drew the motif in schematic form- not a crochet stitch diagram- but joined in the way I thought it was done in the little vest I so admired and then I colured in the methodology for crocheting this new motif and joining sequence in the ''seamless way''....

Then I had a go and VOILA this is the result, IT WORKED and I am really happy with it.

As per the last photo: there are only TWO ends.

There are a few refinements at the end- as per far left in photo - to be worked out but I'll be really happy if I can make this vest/ t-shirt all lacy but with only a few ends to sew in.

So I had a little CROCHET adventure day, learned a new technique AND adapted an exisiting pattern to USE and apply the principles of the new technique.

We also had poffertjes from our new pan- JJ was much better at frying these than I was, I didn't have it hot enough... I made Nigella's broccoli and stilton soup for lunch and Nigella's PRAISED CHICKEN for dinner but I didn't read the recipe so It would have been dinner after 9 pm - it cooks for 2.5 hours!- and all that exciting crocheting made me very late starting dinner preparations-lol

So we'll be having it tomorrow. It scented the kitchen divinely all evening.

Also a lovely walk with the dogs which will be blogged soon.

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