Friday, 11 May 2012


Hi TODAY Sunday of the Bank Holiday weekend was all about crochet and creativity for me.There was a plan to go walking but even though the weather looked fine- cold but dry at least- I didn;t go as I wanted to stay with the family. Miss E in particular had been running a temperature and slept all day Saturday so I wanted to be home.

I have wanted to make this little lacy floral vest or a T with short sleeves for some time now, It's from a Melody Griffith's book CROCHET IN NO TIME : so I played around with a 3mm hook and some white 4 okly cotton and made 3 motifs according to the book- see above the book photo?
Then below that is the vest I want to make, only in white first and then in a royal or periwinkle blue if it works out OK.

Only I want to make it with as few ends to sew in as possible. The original starts with 16 motifs in 6 rows, that's 6 times 16 times 2: OH NO that's FAR TOO MANY ENDS!!!

So I consulted How to crochet seamlessly from the Kristin Omdahl book and cd and divised my own method based on her principles.
See yous start by crocheting the first row in half motifs?

And then you return completing them on the way back.  Oh and below is the motif again but joined in the way the book demonstrated but I diddn't like this samole, it's too jumbled don't you agree?

So I drew out in a kind of schematic way the shape of motif and how and were I wanted the motifs to join. And also what ''negative shapes'' I wanted to create by way of the method of joining the crocheted original ( or positive) shapes. And here it is below: Colourcoded for crocheting back and forth. Very much like in Kristin's book which is VERY HELPFULLY colourcoded also.

And there it was , I had a go and very pleased I was too.

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