Saturday, 12 May 2012

Weir video of rushing water driving home part 2

OK not sure this video upload has actually worked as yet.

Here are the drive home photos:

A lane that reminded me of the David Hockney type lanes from his recent exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art. Not quite a tunnel but very VERDANT.

The cake made it home safely : it's TENTATION : a chocolate and raspberry confection which we shared so we each had 1/4. Delicious and a perfect ending to a PERFICK day as Pa would say. I was extremely lucky to start the day VERY HAPPY : just because I am and because of the sunshine and because I feel so good without that surplus 18 lbs..... Or just happy anyway as it's a way of feeling but really just a state of mind. I had my finger on the feeling happy button and the walk, company and weather meant it stayed there all day.
I give thanks, THANKS to CHILTERN WEEKEND  WALKERS and in particular to the lovely lady who led our walk today. It was BRILLIANT and I feel as if I have had a mini - one day- HOLIDAY. Refreshed and energised and quite tired too so it's finally time for a bath!

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