Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Weight Watchers Progress

 Hip Hip Hooray!!!! At the WW weigh in today I reshaped myself by yet another 2.5 lbs to give a total of 20 lbs removed by re-shaping efforts. There is no mention of ''loss'' as apparently psychologically speaking the body and spirit will fight any ''loss'' as it's seen as negative so re- modelling it is then.

I AM SO HAPPY! It s just an amazing feeking trying on things and finding they not only fit but mostly look good too? Here I was shopping for some dance skirts, tops, dresses, to dance and stay cool in and of course my fave BLUE attracted me. It's a ''roysl blue'' and affiliated season or year for me I think, like it was a turquoise year a few years ago in 2009 or 2010.
This has all happened since Febnruary 1st when I started going with Miss Y as she was over 10 stone and we thought WW might help her. It didn't and in fact she's gained a wee bit but it worked a treat for me and unexpectedly so.

Last time I was this weight was about 1993? I have been around 9st7 in 2008 and 2009 for a while but never below it. Found an old notebook that said I was 10st 3 in 2003....
So HOW and WHY did it work now? And I have to say that if only I'd realised how GREAT it would FEEL I would/ should have done it years ago|! Or did the menopause and turning a certain BIG number actually HELP this too?

THIS is my list of HOW:

1.WW pro points plan is really good and it works and for Miss Y 's benefit we stayed for every week's meeting and that helped as well.
2. I went to three different meetings sometimes and the variety and ideas from each helped too
3. We bought all the gear all the gadgets over a period of 12 weeks: so the cook books and propoint calculator came first and then the journals and finally the scales and pedometer.
4. I found the sweets are fab for snacking on when in long journeys in the car or train or bored at a computer at work.
5. The cereal bars are delicious and can keep me going for hours.
6. I always have either bananas or grapes and a few bottles of water with me and I have found I drink much more than I used to: easily the 2l recommended for health.
7. I eat a great many bananas now.
8. I plan every week in advance in my journal while waiting for the meeting to start.
9. Exercise in particular, I now plan and look for ways to increase and include more activities into each day. the journal helps with this as it devotes a page to it each week.
I love my CHOCOLATE PORRIDGE most mornings but I do vary it with toast or scrambled eggs or fruit cocktail to stop any monotony creeping in.
10. I try to always have a pan of zero point soup available , especially for lunch at home on my at home days.
11. I joined the Simply Walks programme and the Chiltern Weekend Walkers to get more walking into my week.
12 I no longer eat a biscuit or cake at tea breaks in the office or at dance classes either English Folk or Scottish  Country Dancing. And I dance more times per week than I used to.
13 everything I eat is recorded and pointed up and if I slip up a day or a few days then I start again as soon as possible. Or I increase the activity by dancing in the kitchen to Scottish CD s
14 . I have converted some Nigella recipes and pointed them up so we can still enjoy them.
15 Using the WW recipe books can be good too and gives good ideas of how to cook favourite dishes differently.
16 Personally we have banned Quorn now because a nutritionist told me it was very bad for you and have replaced it with turkey mince or turkey sausages.
17. I have been amazed at how much more energy I now have in the day .

 Some final shots, more shopping this time in Oxford Street, a new shop for me: Pull and Bear?
With my fave White Stuff leggings and navy leather boots I was feeling good but in need of a bit of Lace for Spring: there's so much of it about, crochet lace, tape lace, broderie anglaise, embroidered tulle and embroidered organza and finally needle lace too.
As you can see there are still a few lumps and bumps to be removed especially below the waist....

Onward to a bit more ''body tailoring'' : the next 7 lbs or so here I come!

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