Sunday, 20 May 2012

Where is the sunshine?

These lambs were so cute a few weeks ago I finally caught up with taking a few photos as the Spring passes so quickly.
Where has the sun gone? We have hardly seen it throughout April- the WETTEST April since records began hundreds of years ago- and now most of May to date has been white or grey or wet.

So what do you do when you feel you need cheering up? Or how do you exercise when it's raining outside and walking is not really an enjoyable option?

You go SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING!!!! Or at least I do. It makes me feel so happy I can't stop smiling as I dance. Must look like an idiot but I don't care.
The music, the rythm, the energy, the steps and the skipping, the moves and best of all the people too! It's very sociable and has become a very big part of my life recently. Like it was long ago at Uni.  These are photos of the end of Term dance of the O.U.S.D.S. in March 2012.
As is the video that I started with. Yesterday was a similar event but elsewhere and organised by Abingdon branch of RSCDS: a welcome dance in Cumnor. I danced 17 dances 7:30 to 11;30 pm and never had time to take a photo so the above will suffice as a reminder of all the fun we had.  Not to mention the Harwell Ball recently where we did the same but in evening dress.

Where is the sunshine? In the smiles and fun that people have when enjoying themselves, dancing.

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