Saturday, 12 May 2012

CWW second walk Henley 5 miles

Ok now we'll try it in the correct order:

Breakfast at 10:30 am was being weighed as usual: I am sooo pleased and happy as I have re-shaped my personage by 18 lbs recently and WW pro points system has been terrific for me.
This is one of my trade secrets: porridge made with water in microwave and then you add Options chocolate powder: yummy.

Ready to add just a little water as I like it very thick.

After that I planned the driving route to Mill End car park and got my walking boots ready by waterproofing them:

And here are the photos from the walk:

Right near the start we walked through this large rapeseed field it was shoulder high for tall people and head high for us shorties, in fact wear a yellow hat and we'd dissappear as one lady said. It had lovely far reaching views too but the camera cannot capture what the naked eye can see.
Then came a bkuebell wood.

And after a stroll through fields etc we arrived into Henley.

Then we walked to the weir and back before having a break and a cup of tea at Maison Blanc.

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