Saturday, 12 May 2012

CWW Walk part 2 and the drive home

Back along the river on the THAMES PATH at Henley: we started just after 13:40 and had got to Henley by 3 pm, then to the weir and back and between 15:30 and 16:10 we had a break . Some went to the pub and others to Maison Blanc for tea and  cake. Being on WW I purchased cake to take home and they put it in a box and then a carrier bag for me or it could have got crushed in my backpack.
This is the home stretch: relaxing and peaceful and dry. No rain all day and quite a lot of wonderful sunshine and those bright brilliant BLUE skies. Lots of baby white clouds as well as baby goslings and ducklings to see. Then the weir at Hambleden which I had not visited before and with all the recent rain it was quite a sight, AND SOUND. RUSHING WATER EVERYWHERE.

More rushing water at many levels:

Fascinating such energy in all that water.

And that was the end of the 5 mile walk. Back at the car.
This photo is looking back up the hill where a winding single track lane brought me here from Ibstone via Fingest, Skirmett and Rockwell End. The route here was amazing but on the way here I was nervous and worried about finding the car park and being late. As it was I arrived exactly at 13:30 into the car park after a lovely couple up on Colstrope Lane had re-assured me of the way.
We arrived back at 17:16 and my old WW pedometer had recorded 22,208 steps and estimated a distance of 4.55 miles walked . ( with a stride length of 13'').
On the way back I drove with the top down and in a more relaxed way and here are a few photos on the way home.

This was a road I turned left into at the end there is a sign saying Padmore Lane or somesuch, it was not on any of my maps so caused much confusion on the way out.

The sun shining through the new BEECH leaves in these woods was just incredible. A green so bright and yet light and ethereal too. Quite magical.

There's more but having technical problems so the rest of the drive and a video of the rushing water at Henley weir are in another post. This last photo was taken on Colstrope Lane. There is building works going on there and there's a wood on one side and a lovely view of a valley on the other.This is a wee glimpse of the view.

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