Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee weekend

First JJ punted in the normal way and very well too, it was sublimely peaceful and relaxing for us the passengers.... Then he tried a joke: rowing and it was so funny.

After all the fun of punting on Saturday we had an ''at home'' day on Sunday chilling and lazily watching the pageant of boats on the Thames on tv.
I walked the dogs in the rain and managed to do some ''spring'' cleaning as well as a tiny wee bit of crochet.
Then Monday was spent in the car and at mum's in Petersfield as well as a glorious early dinner in the ''PUB WITH NO NAME'' alias the White Horse in upper Steep.
Then today we stripped the living room ready for new floor tiles tomorrow and I tried to walk the dogs who wouldn't budge- Pippa in particular- as it was raining again.
We watched the rain and the gilrs had a fight and a sulk and then we got on and each did some baking!
And I did LOTS of crochet but no photos yet, lovely white circles to be unveiled real soon.
Saturdays PAVLOVA with strawberries and cream . 

Miss E made her fabulous French Apple Tart- it lasted all of one hour....

I made shepherd's pie and it was gloriously comforting as it was cold and raining as we ate it, so very NOT summer. It took me over an hour as I was also peeling, chopping and then steaming and mashing a btuternut squash.

 I was going to - and did- make these WW marshmallow brownies and they needed the squash.
There was squash leftover for Miss Y to make the wholemeal rolls that I had been wanting to try from the new WW cookbook, members' recipes.

So voila this is what we made:

 These are Miss Y's amazing rolls, really delicious, she made 11 and there's only 7 left already.

 The brownies are soft, goo like and too hard to cut into proper squares, bettr as a scoop up dessrt with vanilla ice cream? But oh sooooo deliciously chocolate- eeee! WW recipe.

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