Sunday, 17 June 2012

Third CWW walk today: 5.5 miles

So there I was with lots of chores and housework to catch up on not to mention the dreaded ''commentary'' writing for the Portfolio Development in Public Health when I spotted that Pippa was sunbathing!  And then the dogs went all ''pleading'' on me.
Such a lovely dry and sunny day so what WAS I doing all cooped up inside?
JJ and the girls had gone to North Wales to visit granny, but I couldn't face the 6- 8 hours sitting in a car that this would entail and I have so very much TO DO....
ACTION!I got myself lunch, packed a backpack, multimapped the directions and walked Pippa.
I texted the walk organiser to see if I could bring Lucy and I could so I packed extra water, treats , 2 leads and a small bowl.
Very soon it was time to go as I needed to allow at least an hour to get there.

The walk started from a high street car park which I failed to find at first as my multimap directions took me to the cricket club car park. However after 15 minutes I found the group setting off and joined them, the first fields were of rapeseed and they were shoulder high, on this third photo you can just see Lucy burrowing a path underneath.

It was a lovely walk through many fields and Lucy- bless her- behaved impeccably.
She trotted along trying to be the lead and sometimes checking that I was following her. She loved the muddy puddles, the fields- though not the nettles or the thistles- and even in residential areas did not bark once, not even when we walked right past a black and white cat.
She didn't like the noise of the M25 and when we crossed it on a bridge she was hesitant.

Then there were more fields with lovely grasses, wheat and such.

It was quite a large group walking today but there was very little talking, not sure whether that was because of the fast pace or the dog, perhaps?

it remained dry throughout though it was rather cloudy and walking at such a rate kept us warm, with most of us walking in short sleeves, I was in my pink linen to keep cool, the back pack does make your back feel very hot, but the water was welcome. There wasn't really time to take photos I took them while walking or if I reached the front so I could afford to stop and then catch up again from the very rear of the group. At 18:30 we arrived back at the car park and while most went for a curry which had been pre-booked, Lucy and I headed on home down the A41 to Aylesbury and then A 418, home to cook dinner at 19:30. A very tiring and satisfying day.

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