Friday, 8 June 2012

Gales and GREY weather

What do you do when the weather in a half term is so wet or grey? How about some crochet?
The above is crochet INSPIRATION , it's some pieces I saw in Oxford while window shopping.
It's verywhere in the shops at the moment: Monsoon, Gap, M&S, TopShop, East, Next etc...

So I also found some lovely patterns in magazines: There's a CROCHET VOGUE out this summer- which is a very RARE event as they usua;ly only do knitting patterns and there are some great wearable ones, here are a few I quite fancy:

 For this one I actually LOVE LOVE LOVE the black tape lace waistcoat LOL, then I realised it's the necklace that's the pattern, oh shame.

I love this blue one but it's Tunisian, which puts me off a bit.

OK so while I am pondering what to crochet next and whilst my pink cashmere jacket and the white cotton Salice jacket are both in their final FINISHING stages , my other activities in this dismal weather are : BAKING and DANCING!  
I drove to Cheltenham yesterday to dance all afternoon at a TARTAN TEA PARTY in the Pitville Pumproom . A lovely venue although not as grand as expected and quite similar if not more delapidated than the Oxford Town Hall Ballroom. The dancing however was spectacular, energetic and advanced Scottish and I apologise for the out of focus shots, nobody stayed still for a moment.

The GREAT thing was the afternoon flew by in enjoyment, one didn't notice the torrential rain and I walked back to my car at the end with glowing cheeks and a song in my heart, I had had such a lovely energetic and sociable time!

And here is the banana loaf ( WW recipe) that I made to cheer us all up today what with all the rain and the gales, even the dogs got blown about so much they ran all the way home.

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