Sunday, 24 March 2013

 Friday was that birthday mentioned before and the home-made bunting went up together with the bought variety: which is which?

 A red velvet cake was made with cream cheese style icing and lots of dotty decorations as well as dotty candles!!!

 We've been having it all weekend: yummy!
 Then here's a conondrum #1: what went wrong here? Happy hyacinths to sad droopy hyacinths? All in just 24 hrs.
 So I collected a humungously large bunch of daffs from M&S TODAY: HOORAY!
 Conundrum #2:
Why does my second cowl work out so much bigger than the first?
In the second I'm using DB RIVA and an 8 mm hook? Same stitches and same number and configuration as before?

Cowl #1 was KATIA PERU with a 10 mm hook?
Both are 23 sts, 8 dc,7 htr and 8tr with the mock cables on the next row.
The Peru was 100g and 105m to 100g and recommended a smaller hook than the RIVA which was 80 m to 50g and recommended a 6.5mm hook....???

See the difference? What's going on? Could that be tension? Stress?
 I did a bit of polishing and cleaning this morning.... Took photos because it only lasts a few seconds or minutes before it's used and made ''messy'' again....

 Went to Aylesbury for some Easter food shopping: it was ever so cold and very white on all the hills all around. I stopped near Haddenham to try to capture this rare sight in late March, where's Spring ? is what people were saying in town.

 A tapestry spectacle case made in 1991 now being used for the i-phone. Log cabin blocks, own design.
 The chocolate bunnies that came home from M&S.
And to finish the Easter project I'll be working on this week: a tiny wreath : 4 daffodils I think and then I'd like some blue bells and lily of the valley but I'll be experimenting to see which work best. It may end up as just daffs as this really is a mini wreath for the Easter table.....? cu soon.

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