Thursday, 28 March 2013

Chilly day catch up

 Isn't this Octopus cute? !!! No, I didn't make him alas, he was in Bicester Wools a shop I went to for some retail therapy after my visit to the hospital breast clinic. In Smiley Stripes and it took one ball so I'm very tempted.
 So I bought THESE for a cushion for our newly decorated living room. I may still change the green and try to locate the right pink....
 And THESE for the Spring flowers such as Hyacinths and tulips and more daffodils! And I wanted to try out the DMC Natura - a 4 ply I think- and Petra 3.
 Then this group is all about the blues: the turquoise and royal are to play with and more flowers/ jewellery and the greens are for leaves or to celebrate Spring when it finally DOES arrive? I always feel in need of some green in March /April time.

 And these two are very soft and are wool with silk but it was the gorgeous blue colour that had stayed with me since my last visit in December so I went for it this time. A wee cowl I thought, a friend had made one recently from a free Ravelry Lionbrand pattern: the Cardiff Cowl. 2 balls should do it nicely?
 So there I went, I did think it was looking a bit odd and non tube-like? I wasn't increasing on every row, really not.But what was I doing? Round and round I went until I had finished a ball, went nicely with the latest Foyle's War where he joins MI5 as the war had ended...
 2 hours later.... Hey it looks like the yoke of a sweater! Definitely NOT a cowl?
 Yep, a nice neckline , perfect for those shirt collars to pop out of?
 I have no idea yet as to what happened so let's look at the sea and contemplate:
 This was the sea at Brighton on Wednesday 27th. Late afternoon, about 5:15pm.
A little weak sunshine trying to peep out. I had left home at 9:30 am when it was snowing lightly.
 Ah, bliss. The sea so blue and so calm?
 Lovely lanterns overhead.
 Also wanted to show you that BLUE I love so much, a really blue sky.
 The back up the hill with my handbag and laptop bag to the station: I had to show you those two cheeky gulls on and by the clock?
Shot for inspiration: this COULD BE CROCHETED, NON? It's not actually, it's knitted but it could so easily be a treble mesh , don't you agree?
It does look nice and something you'd throw on over a tank with shorts on a sunny beach, perhaps?

 Not today then , when we had yet more FREEZING cold weather!!! See SNOW on them there hills?
This is Buckinghamshire, NOT Scotland or Yorkshire?!!
 Went for a fine walk did Lucy et moi.

 How can 3 shots be so different? The light kept changing.

 Pretty shot of the stream

 Lovely lush lichens, thick on all the branches.
 Silhouette a la Lucy: sausage dog style.
 And then home to a hot cuppa and my lovely sunshine daffodils!

PS: quick update: the tests were inconclusive so I have to wait for an appointment in Oxford for more tests.
Hence the dissappointment that they couldn't just say oh it's just a cyst and drain it and voila problem is gone.
So a bit of yarn retail therapy felt justified.
And it felt so good too, because I had stopped off after meetings at Mason's in Abingdon only to find that due to rush hour traffic it took longer to fight into town from the A34 and I arrived at the door as they were LOCKING it! So no yarn touchy feely there then.
3 days later ( Monday)- another set of meetings , this time in Birmingham so I thought, ah good can come of this I'll stop off at Bicester and pop into Bicester Wools....Only to find after coming off the M40 and fighting for a parking place that: the shop is CLOSED on Mondays. Shame! So I have not had much luck lately.

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