Saturday, 30 March 2013

Nostalgia part 2.

 Nice haircut and lovely frog closures. Celtic knots.

 Colourful triangles from Missoni the knitwear heroes of the time.

 Parisien Chic
 Hello SAILOR.
 And then the fake or faux fur section:

 Boxy A -line short jacket with fabulous collar and interesting texture detail on surface of felted boiled wool.
 Long line Chanel classic in RED.

 This is the white stuff: mould? Mildew? what? Nasties in any case now growing on my collection of needlework patterns and guidance from 1972-1974. Dad let me subscribe to this monthly or weekly instead of my pocket money. I absolutely loved it. I managed to finish or complete the collection before we moved to the UK after he died. I think I saved the CROCHET section at least as I have that inside.
 I am mourning the loss, it's probably unsafe to refer to now.

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