Friday, 22 March 2013

Blustery Birthday

 It was Miss Y's 13th birthday today and we had celebrations with cards, bunting, balloons and of course lots of presents at 6 am in the morning! One of the presents was not complete yet as I was really very ill yesterday and the afternoon booked to do decoupage was spent over the wc or in bed.....So when they were off on the school bus at 7:30 I set to printing google images and watering down some PVA to cover a little spectacles storage pot we bought in brown card form at Hobbycraft. She wanted musical notes and I thought she needed some colour so I found some owls- she really likes owls- crocheted of course and some hearts too.
 Then I set to - well dosed to allay the nausea and the shivers/ aches and felt a lot better just being busy!
 Tear/ stick/tear stick building up the mosaic and covering the brown. The outside is all musical notes, see?
 The inside of the lid is tiny owls in crochet.
 Last year or so I made these letters, remember? From an old road atlas. Our favourite places are features: Snowdon where JJ and I used to walk when ''courting'', Oxford and St Andrews, etc
 Miss E liked it so much she did these after her own recent birthday: DREAM in maps and butterfly plant flowers from a newspaper.
 Miss Y chose these from Hobby craft for one of her presents, to cover the letters of her name.
This was my finished effort: inside and out and sealed with PVA.
Inside the container a row of little hearts in crochet to show our love.

And for the next party I unpicked an elasticated hem and added a border to make it a better , more suitable dress...

Then there was me deciding whether the coat looks good or do I need a bigger size?
The hood obscures vision when up but I do like the detailing?
Then in my old wintercoat I set off for a walk at Cuttlebrook: the dogs were loving it as they haven;t been here for a few weeks but it was oh so very very muddy! This was in a sunny spell when my car gauge read 8 degrees C, but there was a howling wind straight from the arctic: it felt like minus 3! BRRRRRRRrrrrrr
Look says Lucy : lots of mud!
The river has burst it's banks.
Fast flowing and very muddy

Then later I baked the birthday cake and we went to see the new OZ film in 3D.

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