Friday, 22 March 2013


 I recently made a clutch evening  bag into an across the body or also known as a ''lady sporran'' so I can keep the dance cribs close by at a dance or a ball. This is what I did: using some silver metallic crochet thread, some cream silk and linen 4 ply , some cream satin ribbon and a 3mm hook.
 I chained the length required and added a row of dc( USA =sc) . The next row I worked Trebles all the way
and then I finished with the silver.
To finish I added  in the cream silk/linen a dc row with a 3chain picot after every 3 dc.
Then I threaded the satin ribbon through the trebles row and sewed it in place.
The beaded clutch was from Monsoon a few years ago.
 Then for a royal blue jersey tiered dress in which the unfinished edges of the tiers are annoying me I made a beaded edge. I used the viscose ribbon from Texere yarns and a 3.5mm hook and 4mm silver lined glass beads.I wanted something very simple and easy to sew on so I crocheted a chain first and then added 5ch loops with a bead in the 3rd chain.It connects to the base chain length by a dc every 3 sts.

Very easy to sew onto the jersey with a narrow zig-zag and when I have finished the 3 tiers of the dress annd the next 3 of the matching top I'll show the photos.

Meanwhile I'm very happy with my lady sporran. It worked a treat at the Abingdon Ball.

As for the story of the ''lump'': it's still there and still blue and that makes it day 14 today, counting the day of discovery as day 1.Just 3 days to go to clinic day now. I do check a few times a day hoping it's gone away but no such luck as yet. I also try to forget all about it and actually do so successfully when I'm busy as in the decoupage, film watching or baking of today. It's no bigger and probably no smaller and still more than likely just a cyst....

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