Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Noro JOY again

This is a sleeve I am working on at the moment, in fact I put it down just to blog a tiny bit before going to bed as I'm petty exhausted. Life at the moment is all work more work and very little play.
JJ needs a lot of help and support in his business and I have been working 10 hour days during the week and all day at weekends for both Sunday and Saturday to do his bookkeeping and the accounting .
And I have started a MSc in Public Health which is pretty amazing and great fun but also very hard work and intense studying.
The sleeve is worked in the round from the wrist upwards.

This is loosely based on  the NORO BOXY jacket from the CROCHET NORO book, I have manged to read the pattern online from the preview pages of the book. I had pre ordered it and it was due in November but now it's due in February and I simply could NOT wait! It's that picture in lime green and black that I showed in my last post, the one about the NORO HAPPY FEET sock-slippers.
I am using a 3.5 mm hook and have adapted the pattern to suit me in that I don;t really like too many trebles so I use more half trebles and my tension was way out so I have recalculated all the maths.
I do love the look in the book but doubted that black and lime green would suit me . besides I haven't seen that colour mix for sale anywhere here in UK so I've bought the S373 shade on impulse as these are SO MY colours!!!!And I'm absolutely loving the tweedy yarn and the sublimely subtle colour changes and the STRIPES! I love stripes. Simply love'm.

It's SILK GARDEN SOCK in case you hadn't guessed : 40 % wool, 25% silk, 10% kid mohair and 25% nylon. It's pretty scratchy and itchy but I'm trusting it softens in the wash with plenty of fabric conditioner in the rinse?
So I just wanted to say that THIS is what's keeping me same, a few simple crochet moments with a lovely new yarn to play with. There's so much difficulty and bad news or just sheer monotony - that's the boring bookkeeping!- that these moments are precious.

Luckily the rest are dancing of which I still do a lot, wearing all my size 12 or size 10 clothes as I've now re-shaped by just over 2 stone !!!!!! HIP HIP HOOORAY and also can now eat a tiny wee bit more as I no longer need to shave any more lbs off- a perfect BMI of 22 is now mine.
  So at the weekend when there was 3 days ( inc Friday) of bookkeeping boredom we watched NIGELISSIMA the new Nigella cooking prog and I baked her Italian chocolate cake.
YUMEEEE . Recipe free from website just google it.

I used what I had handy : so 100 g almonds, 50 g SR flour, 4 eggs and vegetable oil , the rest was as the recipe. DELICIOUS! Very moist and not too sweet and it was all gone in 2 days between the 4 of us.

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