Saturday, 20 October 2012

Corfu part 1

Ah the SEA! How I had longed for a view of the sea. This is my first glimpse when exploring the hotel.
It's on a steep cliff, hence the railing and from the pool edge we are looking down to the private hotel beach.

see the monastery? this was out first view of it. Early evening on the Sunday of arrival.

 And the following morning at the hotel's beach this is what it was like:

 It was very near the airport so there was noise but it was fun watching the planes come in to land or take off to go home.
Looking back at the hotel from the beach, the steep lines are the blissful lift which ferries you from the hotel to the beach, blissful because doing that descent and ascent in the HEAT would have been challenging to say the least.
More to follow soon.

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