Saturday, 20 October 2012

Corfu part 2

The holiday was in fact from 5th August to 12th August and I am finally catching up a bit on photos awaiting a bit of sharing and display. Besides on such a grey and chilly wet day here with lots of study, sorting, washing and accounting chores to do a bit of remembered sunshine is good for the spirit.

 It was incredibly hot with temperatures above 30 degrees Celcius every day so we were either in the shade or IN the water: mostly the sea but sometimes the pool. And Miss E sometimes reclined in the hotel room in the hottest part of the afternoons for a siesta and some English TV watching.

 The food was lovely, especially not having to shop for it or cook it! We had booked half board and thus enjoyed a marvellous buffet at breakfast and dinner and went lightly with salads and frozen yoghurt at lunchtime.

 In the late afternoon: usually after 5pm it got very very windy and the parasols and beds would start to be blown over or across the sand.

And always we were plane spotting...! As well as the local wildlife: lizards.

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