Sunday, 28 October 2012

Christmas? Bah Humbug NOT YET!!!It's OCTOBER

Please look at the DATE on this newspaper: yes it's only the 26 OCTOBER , not November, not December
and yet they have a Christmassy headline. Yeuch! Is that a sign of this recession?
We haven't had halloween or Guy Fawkes yet and here we are knee deep in Christmas decorations etc.
There was a time when Christmas lights in Oxford Street and Regent Street were switched on on the 5th December? And a dear friend of mine's family did not decorate their house until Christmas Eve! Now THAT's tradition for you.
Here's the Christmas decorated store of John Lewis on Oxford St:

And there was a strong theme of star wars in legoland at the entrance to the toys : you have to pass through this to go to the wool, yarn and fabric section...
 The friendly R2D2

Darth Vadar is it?

It was nice being in London and I went on the Oxford Tube , which was comfortable but did take two hours and I was home much later than if I'd caught a train to Haddenham as I then had to drive home from Oxford Park ;n Ride. A lot cheaper though, especially with my student card discount : £13 RETURN!!!
Friday felt as though it was the 13th, I stupidly got my right thumb stuck in my own car door: a d.i.y. injury so to speak but jolly painful all the same.

Had to leave the car at work, felt sick and faint for ages and missed out on an evening of jewellery making demonstrations and workshops. Then in the frost my car battery dies at work so we couldn't collect my car on Saturday but had try again today.
As you can see I still tried to crochet late Friday night but held the hook between index and middle finger instead.
The girls have carved their PUMPKINS today so when I've photographed these they'll appear tomorrow.
As it's HALLOWEEN soon and NOT Christmas yet.

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