Sunday, 28 October 2012

Macleod's Fancy at the Oxfordshire Branch RSCDS Annual Ball

This is a dance I didn't know very well and I was mildly shocked to find there would be no recaps at the ball this year! I did remember that there were recaps last year and I also recall Mick telling me in the summer dances at Summertown that he wasn't exactly looking forward to doing the recaps so maybe that's why they decided NOT to do them this year. Although it was a good fun evening, the lack of recaps introduced an element of fear not to say terror into the proceedings and two things happened: I smiled a lot less than is usual for me - I was fearfully concentrating- and I danced less dances than I otherwise would have done.

And this is one of those, I am grateful for a lady who showed me the way to the gallery so I could video this dance from this excellent viewpoint.

 Here it is THIS is how you dance this dance.

MACLEOD'S FANCY  (J4x32)  4C set                                                                            J Drewry  RSCDS Bk 33
 1- 8     1s+4s set diagonally, 1M+4L ¾ turn RH & cast up/down own side back to place while 1L+4M cast down/up own side & ¾ turn RH back to place
 9-16    All dance reels of 4 on sides, ending as  at start of reel
17-24   2s & 3s turn 1s & 4s RH into a St Andrew's Cross, all set & turn crnrs to end 1s in 3rd pl & 4s in 2nd pl on own sides having passed other crnr RSh
25-32   1s & 4s set & cross over (Ladies dancing between Men) & dance ½ Fig of 8 round end couples to 3rd/2nd places (giving RH at top, LH at bottom)

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