Saturday, 20 October 2012

Noro Silk Garden Jacket FINISHED

 It's a lovely slim fit on my new slim form: 8st 9 don;t you know?!!! Almost ALL my other knitwear is way big on me now. So this makes a lovely change.I think I prefer the back to the front?!!

 Lucy just HAD to claim this new blanket didn't she?
 Started this in early October and it grows very quickly despite the hook size, have adjusted the pattern in terms of stitch preference and as to gauge as I crochet loosely but could not face going down 2 hook sizes! 
So I have redone all the maths to cope with MY gauge. I'm using a 3.5mm hook and 4 skeins of Silk Garden  sock from NORO, purchased in a passionate moment from John Lewis in Oxford Street, after having attended two days of a SAGE bookkeeping course in North London. The pictures from the book and the idea of doinf the pattern had already been playing on my mind for a while and when I saw ''my'' colours in a heap of silk garden sock yarn and they were all of the same dyelot- a rare event- I went with my instincts and bought it on impulse. That was 25th September and now less than a month later I'm wearing it! It's the fastest turnaround ever for a GARMENT and with such a small hook too! ANd I'm working a 6-7 day week, with study on 2 of my days, bookkeeping at weekends and the day job as ususal, so I'mn really only crocheting at leisure evening times or on the bus etc. Quite a few small changed were made:
And I wanted long sleeves not 3/4 so I amended that also.
Second sleeve almost finished and that’s within a week .
Am loving the tweedy colour changes, but the twist tendency in the yarn make it challenging to crochet with. 
The pattern is the lime green and black version in the new book Crochet Noro which I have ordered from Amazon. 
Hey I finished the second sleeve on Friday night 12th October and today Monday 15th I have finished the entire cardigan, it fits superbly and I LOOOOOVE IT!!! 
I did wing the yoke in that I devised my own way of decreases on the raglan lines to create the yoke working from the bottom up. 
And the sleeve length is perfect! That’s very rare for me, usually they are far too long and rarely are they too short. I love the edging in the pattern but I went a bit further and added two to three more rows to get more vertical stripeyness into the front. 
And my neckline is a little higher to accomodate the classic shirts and polonecks that I’m planning to wear it with. 
And I have 50 g of the ysrn left over!

FINISHED ON 20.10.2012 and weighs 355 g.
And it’s not a personal pattern but isn’t on Ravelry yet. The project is but not the  pattern.
It’s in the NORO CROCHET book due out soon with a preview available on amazon. I have pre ordered it and it was due out in UK in November 2012 but that has now been changed to February 2013 for some reason and I COULD NOT wait that long!!!

Am so very very happy with this, but what shall I make next?

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