Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Happy Feet

THESE ARE HAPPY FEET, not least because they are wearing happy feet slippers from the NORO knitting magazine. I bought this in June but only just completed the slippers. They are soooo comfy! And WARM! Which is good because my feet are always cold. ( except in Corfu)
 I made them with NORO Kureyon bought especially in London and a 3.5 mm hook and made one slipper which I then frogged completely as it was way too big. See photos later on. I decided I needed a 23st start chain thus having a core chain of 22 sts. I followed the pattern for the toe and heel shaping but reduced the DCs in between accordingly. The top I kept the same except for working to 24 rows and increasing to 22 and then 24 sts at the last few rows. ( most of it is at 20 sts)
 I like it both the right way out : ''proper'' and inside out, when the edge trim disappears or appears as ''teeth''.

 I added a bit at the back to make them more comfortable. I can't keep ''slip-ons'' on my feet very well....
Just a few rows going back and forth in D.C. and Half trebles linking to the top cover panel each time and decreasing a bit to keep it all nicely snug.
Here they are inside out. Now you can't see the outside trim edge. I like them this way too.

 See teeth!
It's colourway 311 with the pinks and greens in the sole and the blue/ terracotta on the top. It's really fun seeing the colours developing.
 I used the 5 rows from the pattern for the sole and for the 6th and final row I worked mainly dc with a few half trebles ( UK) in strategic places to even out the curves for a better fit. 10 Half trebles in fact, just before the outward sweep of the toe shaping curve.

And here is the first attempt: following the pattern and only reducing a few stitches here and there.

 The front of the foot felt fine but there was too much sole at the back....
I have such small but very wide feet. A size 3  U.K.or European size 36.
 I measured the excess and measured what the 5 cm meant in dc terms: that meant taking out 8 dcs.

 It was a cold and miserable weather sort of day with much torrential rain hammering on my poor car's roof.
I had hurt my left knee and hip in London lugging my laptop case about and was resting it in bed with hot compresses. A perfect day for crochet.Cold and wet and still in August too.
Talking of crochet: I have finished the rainbow cowl and been wearing it, not yet photographed it though.
The circles lace has come along too , I'm making fingerless gloves to match the cowl but ran out of yarn so I must order some on-line as the shops didn't have the shades I need. And I visited the crocheted LIONS outside the Natural History Museum , albeit briefly and have some hazy photos... Or google Shauna Richardson and see a whole lot more including a video of her making them!
All of this and catch up on St Andrews and Corfu still to come.

And I have pre-ordered the NORO CROCHET booklet/ magazine and await it eagerly in November!
The previews are up to see online and look amazing: diagonal miniskirt, necklace, lovely elegant cowl and stripey jacket cardigans...

How exciting!  But no NORO or other yarn slippers for the family, they almost killed themselves laughing at my slippers this evening. Apparently and I quote: ''  I'd rather have breadsticks for X-mas than those slippers...''. Uh oH. Cries quietly in corner. My lot do NOT appreciate the fine ART of crochet.
Still I was happy to listen to the giggles and laughter after all it IS the best medicine. And JJ bless him wasn't as disparaging as most. Even played a - slippers on the hands- clapping game with me that had us ALL collapse in giggles again.

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