Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Yorkshire Dales : Grinton Moor

Aaaaah : the serenity of it! The peace, the tranquility, the simplicity and the sound is soooo good they should bottle it! No listen- can you hear it? Sorry couldn't make a video yet- it's the sound of gently trickling water...Not just dripping but more ''babbling'', burbling, and that's what I'm doing right?! I'll stop as I'm sure you're getting the gist.
Been on our bit of holiday away: a week in Wensleydale : utter BLISS!

This was on Sunday 2 August after arriving at about 5pm on the Saturday after a very leisurely waking up, packing the car and driving North.
Best journey ever! Kids watching 2 DVD's ( courtesy of local library!) on those portable car- friendly devices and not a peep of : ''How far is it now'' out of them: only laughter , gasps and giggles. ''Underdog'' was particularly successful I can recommend it! Nothing beats happy laughing kids on holiday does it?
I finished my book: A Good Year by Peter Mayle while cuddling Lucy on my lap, BOTH of us strapped into a seatbelt , Pippa asleep in her basket in the boot.

Lucy had been fidgeting and nibbling on Pip's ears, which she no longer tolerates for long and a journey with fighting, growling dogs in boot is not a good idea. This is after also disentangling wool mess below also courtesy of Lucy who had run into my workroom while I was deciding what to pack and had 'stolen' a few balls of wool to 'play' with....Grrrrrrrrr... YES I needed some tranquility after THAT. She likes the wool doughnuts best and shakes them as if they're prey.

The only other preparation for the holiday- other than locating the maps and guides purchased last year- were to go online for ''yummy'' wellies!!!
These were to encourage a reluctant walker.... And these were just irresistable: I almost had some for myself but that was verboten as having the same as your mum is just sooooo uncool.....( Then again I do fit them so maybe I can borrow them for a dogwalk when she's at school.......)

Hereforth we left a raining Thame and arrived HERE:
This somewhere on the moor behind Grinton on one of the roads connecting Wensleydale to Swaledale- but NOT the Buttertubs Pass_ more of that later!
There's no waiting for mum who's taking so long taking pictures. OOOh will it rain? JJ thought it would so we turned back..
But no: it didn't . Lucy was jumping into and over the little beck at all times while Pippa is on the far right up the hill searching for rabbits... There were hundreds but she's on a lead as it's grouse breeding season . See the blue handle of a lead pointing up? She's up the moor .

Happy kids,happy family. Ta dah for the wellies...
Come on Lucy: please jump back this way.
Happy happy happy!
Can't get enough of this: endless, gloriously beautiful views.
God MUST have been a Yorkshireman!
Sun's back out and it's off to Reeth for afternoon tea( AND CAKE!!!)
More bits of this tomorrow if it's not sunny or dry here... Sorry blogging will be delayed by any fine weather we may have: as all sunshine is to be enjoyed in full. Vitamin D you know!

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