Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Picnic day: lazing and crochet in the sun and bunnies

We had such a lovely lazy hazy relaxed time that we didn't plan anything or actually ''do'' very much at all except admire the scenery while walking or just sitting or driving. Above is the view just down the lane from the cottage: where the dogs were walked morning and night-time.
My haul from the Create shop in Ilkley: Clockwise from top left: the latest edge of my ripple blanket,blue green BA TAT pure wool dyed on a farm in Ilkley : 4 ply sockwool destined for a scarf for autumn 2009 for the eldest( but she doesn't want a moebius!), ditto in pink for Miss youngest, Regia Kaffe Fasset sockwool which I had not seen yet and which is to use in another Cecily moebius...,hummingbird alpaca sockwool, regia sockwool with silk: oooh so soft and some more- yep you've guessed it: sockwool in nice colours blue/green/lilac. The last 3-4 are destined for moebius scarves as St Nicholas presents for my sisters . Bit of a pattern there: 4 ply all due to the moebius project...
Also a very old Rowan book for a crochet tunic that I had seen over a year ago.( not pictured)

Then it was off to buy lunch to have as a picnic: so very decadent not getting up early to make the sandwiches!!! Wensleydale on a warm hazy day

Then a picnic by a little beck. Dogs tied to a few rocks nearby.
Pippa found a dead rabbit in the stream and very proudly fished it out. We had to grapple with her to give up her treasure and she was NOT AMUSED.
She then took up post by the beck hopeful of more of the same.

After a walk where we saw a brood of baby grouselings ( probably not the correct terminology) we had a game of spot the - live- rabbit by shouting ''BUNNY'' and pointing at each one. There were hundreds and this was then another hilarious half hour of silly fun.
There were also many flattened ones on the roads and dead ones all over the moors but here are a few from our ''BUNNY!'' game:

And a few sheep too.

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