Friday, 21 August 2009

Crochet and cake: a pottering day.

A lovely sunny pottering kind-of-a -day with leisurely cups of tea in the garden with my moebius crochet scarf. This was a holiday project chosen in haste from my stash but I'm rather falling in love with it now. The stars are a delight to crochet and I'm just chuffed to bits with the cuddly softness of the angora and the alpaca.
It all started with one ball of ''KIMONO'' angora yarn from Louisa Harding which I had bought years ago, but it breaks very easily and was a 4 ply and I could not decide what to do with it.
It's in Purple/grey/aqua green/sky blue variegated yarn and fine, very soft but has to be handled very VERY gently as it breaks if you tug at it at all.

Added to this is a ball of Artesano alpaca 4 ply in a lovely plain purple, which I's bought ''to try out'' again and had not yet used in anything. Finally the last: NEW ball is an Angora Spun from Jaeger in royal blue which I've had since the early 1980's....YES this IS stashbusting!
This one is 70% angora and 30% lambswool and I have quite a bit more in my ancient stash: in green, black and red also. 20 g of a 4 ply and I now discover it's fabulous to work with.

Added to the above were all ''leftovers'' balls mostly Rowan merino wool in 4 ply or DK in pale / medium shades of lilacs and blues and a pale aqua green Baby Bamboo leftover from a baby cardigan for one of my nieces. Finally some curly boucle type yarn in a variegated purple/black/blues mix that I cannot remember what it was or the brand.

On the stone seat in front of the cottage where I sit happily crocheting with my cup of tea!

Yummy close ups- do you agree? I think they're just lovely!

View from upstairs windowseat: this changed all the time with the light and weather and time of day....This is a hazy one.... Ripple blanket out of the window to show it off!
There can you see? Crocheting upstairs on blanket and down in the garden on the moebius and JJ reads his paper or a book( now gone hiding) but spot the 2 cups of tea ?!!!
The upstairs bedroom windowseat from the inside with ripple blanket- working on a turquoise stripe after a lime green one at the moment and the new yarns from Ilkley to add to the stash / make into scarves for family.

We had a nice walk out and in the eveing I baked another ''appletaart'' as per the recipe a few posts ago. I used a smaller size caketin that I had bought in Leyburn: 8 '' diameter exactly.
JJ had used the egg I had kept aside for scrambling so I glazed this one with apricot jam.
Voila!!! Very Yummy!!!!

Much higher sides due to the tin size and the same quantities of dough as the recipe.

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  1. yummy cake !!!!!!
    u r making me sooooooo hungry!