Monday, 17 August 2009

Bolton Abbey day: stepping stones and crochet

We were having a lovely relaxing and sunny time when I ''booked'' a day out to visit Bolton Abbey. This was made easier by the money tree pictures at so thanks to Lucy I could persuade the kids to agree to this day out.
We lest seeing lots of truly wonderful views: of which these are just a few and the day was cloudy to start off with. A glorious drive down the windy lanes of Wharfedale.
It took just over an hour and a half and then we had a choice of 3 car parks which was only confusing for a very short while....VOILA: fabulous ruins to admire and be amazed by.
Awed happens to us older folk: the kids were more impressed by the river Swale.

Dogs were delighted to be able to paddle and freely splash about. Dachshunds in Swale this time. AAAH and this is the serene peaceful view:
I had bitch and puppy to get over a nice wooden bridge but pointed out the stepping stones to the offspring and off they went: duly challenged....
Almost half way there was a heated discussion about the feasibility of the project as it turned out some jumping skills were going to be needed..... Here junior miss gives the thumbs up but shortly after this turns back and abandons the challenge.
And we waited and we waited....She stood there debating what to do, but daring won out: she leapt and finished the crossing with DRY feet!
Then off into the woods to find the money trees.
An unusual sight to be sure.

Our tummies started talking to our brain and we found a cafe for a delicious lunch which included giant Yorkshire pudding with a lovely rich gravy. More playing in the river with wellies on while mum had some peace with a pot of tea and some crochet.
My ripple blanket came to the Dales but is no longer ''portable'' so for my portable holiday project I ransacked my attic for some 4ply angora , alpaca and some DK wool and set out to try the moebius scarf from the magazine Inside Crochet: issue 1 it's on the cover. Called: CECILY.
I'm absolutely loving doing this and am on the third row( of 4) already.
Brilliant for stashbusting and I'm finally using some angora and alpaca that I have had over 8 years and not known what to do with...3 were single balls I bought- as you do- ''to try out'' and the rest are leftover/part used balls from previous projects.
This was a very happy half hour! The sun came out and we went to see the Abbey ''properly'

The land was given to an Augustinian order of monks by a lady landowner who thought she could ''buy'' God's goodwill this way as one of her children had drowned trying to cross the Swale river and she had interpreted this as a punishment.
It's a beautiful serene spot in the valley and is a great place to visit for a day- or even several if you like walking- the kids enjoyed this.
On the way to Ilkley we all had a 'silly half hour'' of hysterical laughter as JJ played I-pod sounds through the car loudpeakers: the kids had found ''farting'' sounds and this was very very very VERY funny but I guess you had to be the car with giggling children and giggling husband who suddenly looked aged 6 again.

We briefly visited Ilkley town: to visit a College friend of JJ's and for me to visit a yarnshop!!!
I'd googled it before we left home and found a shop called '' CREATE'' in Ilkley being the ONLY yarn shop within easy driving distance of our holiday cottage.
It was Heavenly! Lots and lots of lovely yarns, fabulous colours and such softness or texture!
And there was a teashop with scrummy cakes but it didn't buy me extra time because the dogs were not allowed to sit outside the shop and it was -by now- too hot and sunny in the car.
I had a mere 30 minutes to look, feel and decide and will tell all tomorrow....Just remember the song: '' On Ilkley Moor Ba Tat.....a good drinking song that was sung on many a jolly night at Newcastle University. Oh those days..but I digress.
On the way home we said goodbye to a very sunny Bolton Abbey.

And while kids and dogs dozed we delighted in the beautiful scenery.
Excuse the quality: these are taken through the side window while driving as JJ was too tired to stop and wanted to get us all home again a.s.a.p....and back to a beer in the cottage.

WOW words just cannot describe it.

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