Thursday, 20 August 2009

Buttertubs Pass, Aysgarth Falls,Sunset

Sorry to start off with a beheaded me, too vain you see. It was NOT a good shot but I wanted to share the crocheting of the ripple blanket at the cafe in Muker.
Shortly after the photo which was taken at lunch -and I can heartily recommend the toasted Wenleydale sandwiches with home-made crisps-
we crossed to Hawes over the famous Buttertubs Pass:

Fabulous views as always and the buttertubs where a long time ago the farmers would cool their butter....
Onto Aysgarth falls for a stroll and buy some of the delicious ''happy pig'' tomato sausages....
Look they're so happy and in their wonderful new hiking boots: Blue and Burgundy/pink.
Ready to do lots of hiking both in Yorkshire and at weekends at home! ( There's a PLAN!)
Coca Cola rivers and waterfalls as my girls call these as the water looks so brown.
Hastily taking a few more photos.... They're a long way ahead... Mum: are you finished yet? Pippa ,being a good team member, refused to walk on until I had caught up with the ''pack''. In the evening I took the dogs for their post prandial constitutional to the end of the lane.
View on the left as I face Bolton Castle direction.
Sunset skies over Bolton Castle: red skies at night, shepherd's Delight.

Goodnight to another gloriously happy day in the Dales.

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