Thursday, 30 July 2009

Ripple blanket : progress

Tan tan taraaaaaa! No it's not finished yet but I'm oh soooo happy with it and it's longer than I am tall now so I can wrap myself in it and be a stripey mummy.....Truly mummified....
Just thought I'd share with you all the colour permutations i have been playing with as it's a kind-of-a-sampler ripple stitch blanket- with just 19 rows left to go.
Above is the full view as is at over 1.55cm long.
Then follows 3 sections that make up the above and then I give close ups of some of my favourite colur groups: let's go see!!!

This was the end a few days ago but I've gone all oranges and reds since that purple now...
I really liked this turquoise between these 2 blues for a change. The dark blue is next to a pale aqua but it looks bleached white in the photo.
Here's the blues more conventionally in a tonal variation.
There's almost always a different colour next to the purple every time.

More coming soon! It's meant to be 2m long and I may add a little finishing edge to the sides....
It's been enormous fun to do and although no longer an easily portable project, still such glorious warm cuddley fun to do while watching films or tv on the sofa: stitching away at one end while wrapped in the rest!!!
Our FILM FEST this week ( due to all that rain!) has included- and I have enjoyed them all!!!
Young Victoria
The secret of Moonacre( got the book but not read it yet)
Shaggy Dog
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Confessions of a Shopaholic( not nearly as good as the book!!!!!!!)
Marley and Me: ditto the book was sooooo much better!!!!!!
And of course there was a NEW Midsomer Murders last night when it was filmed in our very OWN THAME MUSEUM!!!!
Hence together with some handsewing chores and sewing in of ends there's been 4 rows added since the purple....And a lot of child and dog and puppy cuddling too.....

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