Friday, 3 April 2015

Cakes and birthdays

 Four of the six birthdays have been celebrated now and for 3 of them special cakes were baked and only on the special request of the fourth was a cake bought not made but customised nonetheless.
 First one for Miss E : 17 recently who asked for a Hummingbird cake: chocolate and raspberry layered cheesecake.
 So there I go, baking this for the very first time, although Miss E made it for my birthday a few years ago.

 All layered up and just before baking:
 Just out of the oven:

She also had many lovely flowers for her happy day.


 The final touches were made the next morning so the cream was fresh:

 17 candles!!!

 Bunting up everywhere...

 Balloons a -plenty!
 Lucy likes playing paw- ball with the balloons.

 Was I not supposed to then?
 Candle blowing out time!

YUM YUM: delicious!

Next birthday was Lucy: she was 6 and I made her a tuna cake.

 is it ready yet?
 Oh yum I'm looking forward to it...
 Have a roll around first.
 Are you serious? I have to wait for my mum?
OK then I'm officially sulking.

Basically a can of oily Tuna, 2 eggs and flour.... Pippa and Lucy ate the lot between them.

Then for Miss Y there was to be a Malteser Cake, this recipe was from the FEAST book by Nigella Lawson.
Line cake tins with baking parchment

 Turning them out....
 Apply malteser icing.... Was very runny the top slid off the bottom layer so we used tooth -pick scaffolding supports!
 Decorated with maltesers and bunnies as it's almost Easter!

 I made the recipe times 1.5 for all ingredients.

Et voila those were most of the ingredients!

Then JJ's birthday: He ordered a bought cake but wanted a TRANSFORMER CAKE: so here it is:

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