Friday, 3 April 2015

The social aspect of JJ's birthday (2)

From the beach we went into Chichester for lunch and some window-shopping.

I liked this crochet jacket but for inspiration of the beaded trim as I don;t like the colours.

After Chichester we drove up over the Hangers and admired the view from the top.

And had dinner in ''the pub with NO NAME''.... Alas they no longer serve the black beer and raisin wine which was an old fave of mine, more like port really.
The Cherry wine however was quite nice. Avoid the cider, JJ's was undrinkable.

The rest are in the next post as the pictures were not loading properly for a while.
Here's a sneak preview.

Back at home we had the birthday cake!

HOERA hoera er is er een jarig hoera hoera er is er een jarig HOERA!
 Happy Birthday to you, to you , to you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

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