Friday, 3 April 2015

JJ's birthday- a family day out to the beach! (1 )

As it fell in the girls' school holiday this year we planned to have a family day out all day, I too was still on leave so it was perfect.
JJ even worked all night the day before so we drove less far than planned( Dorset - Bridport beach) as also JJ and I both had early morning DRs appointments so we could not stay over for a night.
 East Wittering it was, a beach we went to when Miss E was a toddler and mum was with us.
The closest sandy beach to Petersfield.

 Dogs were LOVING it, especially Pippa who adores the sea.

 Kids barefoot ran ahead, JJ's carrying Miss Y's satchel -bag.

 Wonderful texture patterns in the sand!

 WINDY it was exceedingly windy: gale -force and the sand danced along the beach.

Dogs ears blown back, even eyebrows and muzzle hairs were blown so the looked more ''pointy''.

 Where sand caught across the many mussel shells there formed more amazing patterns.

 We were so lucky with the blue skies and SUNSHINE! Even if it was a bit cold.

Here follows a few shots of a kite-surfer who we'd been watching.

 Hey he cleared the water and went up into the sky, I was quite worried for a moment!
 But all continued safely. The wind was perfect for it?

 Windy and chilled we headed to a beach cafe for hot chocolate.

Bye bye beach.

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