Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter Gardening

 Such a gloriously sunny day today we decided to cheer up the garden with some colour, after having ahd a delightful doze on the swingseat in the sun.
 Yesterday after church we did walk at Henley but it was grey and cold and Pippa objected so we came home early.
 This tub is a mix of Viola Easter Bonnet - the smaller ones- and Pansy Marina.
 We bought a much longed for bright blue Ceanothus at last!
Last week I plented these viola Easter Bonnets and the pink Anemone

 And more Viols Easter Bonnet with a red Anemone- Harmony Scarlet.

 Some purple Aubretia bedding waiting to be planted...
 My dwarf Sweet Williams - mixed red/ pink/ whites- planted in pots. We were told they were hardy and ready to plant into borders, but the clay soil seemed so dense and they are such fragile babes?
 The Aubretias planted to cheer up the Litchen patio garden.
 And a joyful Marguerite! Needs a bigger pot though.

 Our Euphorbias have been here since we bought the house in 1996.
I think these are a few self seeded periwinkles?

A pelargonium with 3 Pansy Marinas and a pot of 3 Lupins: pink, purple and red.

 These had an hour in water awaiting planting. A Vinca and a Periwinkle.
 The Ceanothus awaits a corner to be cleared so it can grow up the fence in a sunny corner.

 This is Vinca minor  Bowles' Variety- 15 cm high and a spread of 90cm. Expected to flower from April to June.
 The Periwinkle is Ralph Shugert an evergreen:Bright Blue  flowers February to May annually.
grows in sun or shade, easy to grow, 10 by 75 cm . Lovely low growing evergreen shrub.

Fingers crossed all will go well in the next few months.

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