Saturday, 14 March 2015

Cetona Cracked code, no longer baffled.

Since Tuesday 10th March this picture has been haunting my mind, baffling my brain and occupied my subconscious... I saw it in Rowan Book 57 at John Lewis on Tuesday evening in Oxford street London.
I love it , the stitch pattern in particular and I was so sure I'd seen it before somewhere, but WHERE?
Also being a bit mean I was reluctant to pay £12.50 for just the ONE pattern as I don't knit and the other crochet pattern in  Rowan Book 57 is a replica of ''Tribe ''a pattern I crocheted a few years ago.
They've changed the yarn to linen and the colour from red to orange and the neckline to a jewel neckline but the stitch pattern is the same. Tribe is a FREE pattern on the knitrowan website.
My Tribe on Ravelry is here:

So back to Cetona: first I found images on Google and then on Ravelry , it looked so simple, surely I could work it out?!
You can even see and count those double crochet stitches: 5 on the small arches and 7 on the large ones, interspersed with a dc or a Treble but at first I thought each colour was a 4 row repeat: first the large arches , then cover them with dc s and then the small arches and cover that with dc s?
But that necessitated doing either extra dcs or slip-stitching along to do the small arches in the placement that they baffled I tried again and again. NO GOOD!
I had abut 3 goes in a sample which thankfully I did not photograph because they looked awful.
Then I remembered that Rowan seem to take their stitch patterns from stitch bibles rather than create something entirely new so I hunted through my stitch bibles:
Here we go my first stitch bible and the ''go to'' source as it's well organised and has diagrams.

 Was it a variation on this? No!
 Nothing in this one
 Nor this one
 Nor this one...
Arches but the wrong ones....
 And this one I have lent to a colleague so I could not consult it.
 THEN I thought about Tribe and recalled that Rowan had used the Harmony guide for the pull up a loop stitch that was unusual in that pattern...
 So I hunted it out, it's ancient look : 1986! By the Crochet GURUS of the time the famous :Sylvia Cosh and James Walters!
AND THERE IT WAS! It's called Double Arch Ground.
And to help you this is the diagram:
And so the story ends: I had a go!

LOVE this stitch pattern .
I am using some spare DK cottons, one of which is quite thick like an aran, and a 4mm hook.
My 3 colours here measure    and the 2 oattern repeats 11.5 cm just as required by the pattern.
Or 6 cm from treble to treble which is easier to measure.
I am just so pleased the mystery, the conundrum is solved! The trick is to go back on yourself half way along the second half of the big arch, chain 4 , slip stich into place and then cover it with 5 dcs , then continue covering the large arch with dcs. Such fun! I'd never come across this ''trick'' before and so feel really good having learned something new.
Hope it helps you too?

I am planning to make this in Texere linen yarns I have in stripes of turquoises and blues, navy and maybe green. 4 ply mostly or may the cotton DK s I have as it does seem OK and grows quicker.
Love the vertical stripes the non shaping and the gathered shoulders Lisa designed.
And if I wish to keep the ''tweediness'' , not sure about this- I may run a navy or white 2 ply along the colours to make a tweedy look , that is if I use the 4 ply linens.
Just ideas so far but can;t wait to get started now!
Roll on some hot sunny weather to wear it in!!!
Oh and if the diagram does not help then try these videos?
I have not watched them but if you google the stitch name DOUBLE ARCH GROUND you will find plenty?

Ravelry details for Cetona are here:


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