Sunday, 1 March 2015

Lucy's 6th Birthday and BLOGIVERSARY

It was Lucy's 6th Birthday and these days life spins by so fast and busy that I am always trying to catch up with this diary!
There's so many photos filed and waiting to tell their story. Including the amazing Brick Art exhibition I went to last week in London's Brick Lane ( yep truly, very well chosen wasn't it?)
And this blog is now also 6 years old so there will be a BLOGIVERSARY celebration too, but some time later this month... And there's 3 Balls coming up now in quick succession, all in March with practice dances beforehand, oh my things are just so hectic.
Dresses to sew, dances to learn, kids to support, dogs to be walked to say nothing of the Dissertation and research project which have hit a big hitch last week too.

BUT FIRST let's celebrate the fact that our beloved adored Lucy was 6 yesterday and was born at the vet due to an emergency Caesarian AFTER a long labour at home, with me as ''midwife'', but came home with her baby puppy brothers by 5 pm on 28 February 2009 with proud and excellent mum Pippa.
 Time for a tummy rub, I'll roll around.

 Rolling around here, when are you going to stroke my tummy?
 See? Paws outstretched, demanding ATTENTION!
 Well, what about it?????
 Hmmmmm, OK I'll sit up again then?


 Looking at you.

 Woof, woof time to go for a walk!
 Oh goodie,  you took the hint!Out for a walk at last and at Cuttlebrook, one of our favourites.


 These were weirdly multi petalled snowdrops? At Cuttlebrook.

 These are the ones I like so much better?
 Look at this huge shelf mushroom: at this time of year?

 Fabulous snowdrops!
 More mushrooms, must be all the damp weather we've had.

 I CAN out-stare you! Very unusually for a dog, Lucy will stare back and hold eye contact for ages.
 Just before she yawned,
 I'm looking the other way now.
Mmmmmm this is my sulking face.

 I'm getting a bit bored by this.
 What are you still there for?
WOOF WOOF you can stop all this photo taking now, please.

 side by side you can see Lucy is a bigger dog than Pippa with a larger head and slightly longer body.
Pippa is a mixture of beige and grey now.

 It was a very windy cold blustery grey day.
 Pippa just under half-way on the walk, tutned about and pulled the other way suggesting it was time to go home, ''THIS WAY please''. But as due to work and rainy days they'd hardly had any decent walks this week I prevailed on her to finish the walk properly and walk for an hour not just 15 minutes! She loved it in the end, but the rain at the end got us all running back to the car through much mud! No photos of this, running!

Back home Lucy pranced about among the balloons we had for Miss E's birthday.

 Even tried to kick one...
 And finally she and Pippa shared her birthday TUNA -CAKE!
No candles though. They ate it all within 5 minutes...
Can of tuna in spring water, 2 large eggs, 150 g plain flour, 2 table spoons sunflower oil,
Mix together well and bake in shallow tin lined with baking parchment at 200 C elsius for about 20 minutes or until firm to the touch and golden.
Let cool and cut into strips or slices and feed to - exceedingly happy- dogs.
They LOVE this!

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