Monday, 9 March 2015

A spot of dancing: Scottish Style.

The Oxford and Cambridge Highland Ball on the 7th March was enormous fun and seemed to be enjoyed immensely by all who attended.

The students performed a Scottish Country Dance demonstration and this was it:

If you are very keen, you may see a short tubby female dancing and that happens to be me, one of the last times I will be able to dance as a ''student'' ( postgraduate and a bit elderly!).

The dances in order were:

Monica's Way
(a 32 bar jig for 4 couples devised by Gail Sibley published in Book 48)

The Golden Years
( a 32 bar strathspey devised by Nora Sutherland , published in Book 48)

The Rye Twist  
( a 32 bar reel devised by Sue McKinnell. published in Book 48)


The Kaleidoscope Reel.
( an 80 bar reel in a square set devised by Sue Petyt and published in the Lochmaben Collection 4 )

Then the young ones also danced the most amazing Highland demonstration which was designed  and danced by Sarah one of the students and OUSDS Society President.

Enjoy! This has been keeping me so busily occupied with so much less time for blogging...

And so inspirational that I will be aiming to start a reformation programme today to shed at least 1.5 stone- or a minimum of 21 lbs! A bit of re-shaping is much needed .

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