Sunday, 1 March 2015

Dog Days

Dog days, those long leisurely days of sleep , relaxation and the occasional walk that our dogs enjoy.
Here's JJ with Pippa on the ''bluff'' at Aston Rowant reserve recently: a rare walk for the two of us.
And Pippa having ''killed'' her stuffed penquin with it's squeeker, having rippied it open and finnaly removed ALL of the stuffinr, she managed to just find and keep the squeeker in her mouth: she's so excited! Listen:

And then when she'd punctured it I had to remove it quickly by bribing her with a carrot as I feared she might choke on it or parts within.
Back to that Aston Rowant walk: what a lovely sunny day.

 That's the M40 with cars rushing off to London.

Then there are currently the'' messy and mating''days as both have been in season for almost 3 weeks now:

Lucy at the top waiting for me!

 Such wonderful views and the light was lovely : late winter afternoon light between 4 and 5 pm...

 Must not forget that this is really just a 15-20 minute drive away from where we live!

 Rabbits, did you see a rabbit? Where did it go?

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