Monday, 21 April 2014

Kid's Treat day out in London 12th April

 From playing with an african flower crochet motif while waiting for everyone to get and be ready to go:
 We went for an afternoon and evening's entertainment to London as a family. No holiday trip this Easter un like Dorset last year or Delft the year before as Miss E has revising to do for those imminent GCSEs...
 Admired these flowers in town when I walked the dogs just before going.
 The girls each had one destination they could choose: Miss Y chose Waterstones at GOWER st.
 What a building!!! Excellent choice: lovely building inside and out! Perfick for a bookworm such as she is but perfick for us too, we all had a lovely time browsing our favourite sections:
Miss Y: teen adventure/ teen genre, Miss E: baking and cooking as well as stationery, moi? CROCHET of course and JJ: coffee and newspapers to read.
 TWO shelves of crochet books! But I had seen most of them before, only one or two new ones.

Browsed happily and then sat crocheting in the cafe having tea while JJ read.
 Isn't this Liberty quilt divine? Blue and white my favourite and such a fun ''ripple''!
Actually very simply executed with squares split into two strips, one blue one white fabric...
Then it was off to WHOLE FOODS off Regent St for Miss E wo thought it her paradise and ran in totally delighted. We sat outside on ''tree'' chairs and had lunch.
 Mesmerising macaroons...

Then after this the tube to North Greenwich, loved the geometrics on this building and the round porthole windows. Quite ESHER-ESQUE?!
 Bunnies mural made me think of Easter...
 oh and a vixen and her family?
 DOGS! Including a dachshund!
 With the London skyline...Shard, St Paul's, gherkin.
 The millenium dome now known as the O2 site!
 1940'S COLOURS, VINTAGE geometrics, lovely...
 We went to see MIRANDA LIVE!!!!! JJ booked it for us many months ago for the family .
 The experience was amazing although some of the jokes were all recycled from the shows so that was rather ho-hum, surely she could be a bit more original and inventive?
And so small! We sat up very high, good job we weren't near an edge. JJ had been before for tennis apparently. I was disgusted by the way we had to remove bottle tops even of water bottles and our expensive special fresh juice treats from wholefoods which happened to be in a glass bottle were BINNED, yes simply THROWN out without a by -your-leave- when we went in?
We were very early so had we know we could have drunk them outside?!! I think people should be warned about this, I was really disgusted by the loutish behaviour of those entrance guards!!
 On the way out the queues for the tube were gigantic so I persuaded JJ that we take the ferry back to Embankment, walk to Charing Cross and take the tube back to the car at Shepherd's Bush.
 This is us walking down to the ferry, I remebered it from when I did it this way for the fan museum at Greenwich, remember?! It was just as delightful, quiet and comfortable! Much shorter queue too.

Bye bye St Pauls, bye bye London.

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