Sunday, 27 April 2014

Crochet Projects collection

What's on my hook in terms of works in progress I hear you ask? Well.....:
How about we look at the 14 that are occupying much of my space and thoughts at the moment, this being 2014?
Some are planned and needy and some are spontaneous and some are long overdue to be FINISHED and worn?!
These silk fabric ribbon skeins only came yesterday so they may become a smaller dog walking across the body bag-let, for phone, leads, keys and pick up bags don't you know?
Or dog seat pads for the car? We really don;t need any rag-rugs...
2.: the CURRENT PATTERN design project!Top secret.
3. THE GEOMETRIC COWL from stashed yarn about a year ago, current easy pattern from Simply Crochet #17 magazine issue.
4. The Aran tabard pattern design that just needs finishing edges now...
5. The pink cashmere roomy cardigan -jacket that I want to add CHANEL-esque navy braided bobble borders to?! But I looks all day but have misplaced the yarn I had bought, maybe it turned into the TRIBE top?!
6.SALICE from years ago which also will need a contrast blue edge I think?

7. The circles tank top I designed and made in Dorset last April!
I have yet to write up the pattern though...
8. Another magazine cowl: INTERWEAVE crochet this time, the Ghost cone one.
Three more rows to go...

The chunky mock cable alpaca cowl in Katia PERU kind of superseded it and was worn a lot.

 9.A new throw for the living room! In Aran , for us to snuggle under watching tv eventually, what possessed me? All those ends to sew in!

 coordinates fabulously n'est-ce pas?
 Now we finally have 3 nesting WOODEN topped coffee-tables in our relaxa-room we need coasters!=#10! Or I'm thinking SUNFLOWERS!
 Maybe these hearts? I'll need to make many more?!
And # 11: These mini african flowers will become a purse.... For specs or coins?
# 12 no photo yet: a T shirt shape with colourful striped yoke at neckline ?!
I have the 4 ply in mermaid colours...
#13: a striped dc crochet yoke band and wide shoulder straps to go with tis bright and cheery fabric for a cami: would look so good with jeans, my red linen crops or white cropped jeans?!
Poor photo, sorry but I'm slecting the red, royal blue, green and white. 
Verdict is till out whther I add the fuschia pink as well.

# 14: I HAVE to use this stitch pattern somewhere soon as I like it a lot: from latest Crochet! magazine: issue Summer 2014.
What are YOU making? And how many need to be finished or moved along ?!
Isn't it interesting how interest/passion waxes and wanes for some projects whereas for others it's a quick shoot from beginning to end and voila you're using/ wearing/ giving it away?!!
What is that key ingredient that makes the difference?

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