Friday, 25 April 2014


Hi a bit late as these piccies are from the end of March and I have already been wearing this lots, but hey better later than never?
And: lots of lovely complements on it too, it;s much admired! WOOPEE! AND so EASY to do!

My lovely butterfly cowl version with Noro and Drops alpaca found here:

Free pattern found here:

 These are in progress pictures from the end of March. Just LOVING these colours!

 I'm using NORO TAIJO SOCK and DROPS alpaca 4 ply from Woolwarehouse and a 3.5mm hook.
 Having a play, want to make a waistcoat or jacket next?!
 Shawl collar revers, not so sure about the horizontal stripes...
 Top down circular yoke? RADIATING OUTWARDS?
 Looking good as a sleeve?

 aS A HOOD...

 Being silly in the mirror, this is before 17th April sometime...
 It fits right across the shoulders too, lovely and warm on the back if in a draught?
Oh my I think I really must consider booking a hair cut! I was trying to grow it out, much longer but what a mess at the back!

ENJOY! I do hope you will have been inspired to have a GO at this cowl! 
Mine took about 2 balls alpaca and 1 ball Noro so it;s not so outrageously expensive? About £22 in yarn?
Can't buy one for that! Not this quality and size! 
The DROPS I used was a very pale blue but there's 58 colours for you to choose from!

GO ON make one too and LET ME KNOW AND SHARE what you do?  HAPPY CROCHETING!

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