Tuesday, 22 April 2014

EASTER IN 2014: Sunday

 This year's Easter was a busy one and this is Easter Sunday- excuse me hopping about- after the mass at St Jo's. I cried throughout as it strongly reminded me of the Thessalionians passage I'd read at mum's funeral but did smile when Father Mark said he still enjoys throwing the Holy Water about in church and how the fun has not lessened in the 26 years that he's been doing it!
So when I got home I need to be silly. hence the bunny ears. JJ worked and the girls were still asleep so I'd gone by myself but glad I went.
 As they were still asleep the eggs were un- assaulted !
 Easter decs were up...
I started on my chocco bunny and its ears were solid!

 And posh- nay very posh if not positively aristocratic- macaroons had arrived at the table?
 The girls had been in London with JJ for the day to do some art homework for Miss E and shopping, no doubt. I'd been to Hampshire to clear up and collect a few things and say a few more goodbyes.
 The bag the macaroons came in was nice too!
 And the box was designed by an architect???!

Fabulous flavours, cocolate, rum and raisin, lemon- and a really sharp& true lemon taste it was too!- 
burnt caramel, olive,rose, and mixtures too where top layer and bottom layer differ and all the centre creams were just so DIVINELY SUBLIME!

Once up, Miss E soon started on her egg.

 And I had blissful moments of Regency passions and a rose macaroon:

 The stocks may be looking elderly but the scent still beautifully pervades the room.
 And one of my ''early'' birthday presents was given, seen at Waterstones a week ago?
 Lovely lacy motifs with great diagrams.
 I especially liked this Winterburn hexagon and had a little try-out:
 3.5 mm hook and Yeoman's Cannele, it came out very large indeed, larger than I had expected.
I had a lacy summery bolero in mind and am having a re-think now.

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