Friday, 25 April 2014

Easter Monday

 Easter Monday started bright and cheery and as I scrubbed and cleaned the two fridges I hauled out the chocolates we'd made using the moulds and the Green and Black chocolate bars that came with the eggs: milk chocolate with butterscotch and dark plain chocolate mixed slightly and melted au- bain- marie.
Aren't they glossy and superb looking? CHARMING and oh soooooooo delicious!
 Bunnies, duckies and eggs.... and the butterscotch gave a lovely sweet crunchy crumb here and there.

 These were the BEST , BETTER than any of the bought eggs or my Lindt Bunny!

 And tasted a few more macaroons: salted caramel and burnt vanilla? YUMMEEE!
 Of course also started a little light crochet for when I caught up with some missed tv such as Endeavour....
 nO THINKING NEEDED once the pattern was established: Simply Crochet issue 17: geometry stitchery.
The words were too too much and no diagrams but got there in the end and like I said once it's established and you ''get'' the pattern it's up and away, I've put helpful notes on Ravelry here:
The only tricky bits are how to start and end each row: is it a simple dc or a TR ( endings) and do you start with a ch and dc or a 5ch?
Late in the afternoon we finally went for a walk which I'd been waiting for and pining for since 8 am! It was SUNNY then, but even after waiting until 3:36 pm JJ and Miss E were to busy so it was Miss Y , the dogs and myself who set off happily.
First we looked at the deer: see? Three heads with antlers...

 Then a slow climb up the hill for that fabulous view...

 View plus water in a wee blue bowl for hot dogs.
 Quick kiss conference between mum and daughter.
 Lucy goes off to explore...
 After Miss Y has a go at climbing the tree we set off back home as thunder is rumbling loudly and we don;t want to get caught out! I've no coat as I left it behind at dancing a week back.
 Lovely stroll back, thunder and a bit muggy but dry and met some horses and yappy little dogs.

 Then on the final stretch just after the horse farm on the track back the dogs and I spotted a rabbit and the ext second I was lying in the road on my back! Broken ankle and cracked ribs as it turns out. No idea quite how it happened , it was so fast. Lots of pain at the ribs end but ankle not too bad. Just swollen...
Waited ages for JJ to pick us up, should have called ambulance?
 Back home: swelling, see?
 This one is ''normal'' for comparison...
 Had to see GP then to hospital for X-ray and finally waited hours in A&E to be strapped up as I opted out of the plaster cast option. Webber grade A fracture of a malleolus on the right.( if I remember correctly)
 DAY 2: Lovely colours appearing, yes?

 On the inside of the foot as well...

 And on the 24th April  the first 50 g ball of that lacy cowl was completed: 20 cm by 66 cm, 7 whole repeats of the pattern plus an extra 5 rows. 61 rows in total then, out of about 135m of wool/silk mix DK yarn from Rowan.
Nice bit of crochet always puts things in perspective.  Still a bit of a B***** though. Broken ankle for my birthday and all sorts of hassle and rearranging to do for work and College as I can't drive!
And poor sleep due to the ribs, sooooooo UNCOMFORTABLE! ( putting it mildly)
Any how to end on a positive note, I will re- invent a new birthday date when I can do the planned things and have cake and cards and so on ( mostly cancelled) AND learn from all this something good.
By the way at least it didn't rain when I'd done it! I lay quite nice and dry while waiting to be driven home!

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